Date: June 3rd, 17:30
Location: Building 80 Room 00-021

The unit invites everyone interested to the next social event on June 3rd! Get ready for an engaging gathering filled with insightful discussions. A great event to connect with the AI community in Freiburg!

This time, there are two ten-minute presentations.

  1. Tom Viering, Assistant Professor at TU-Delft, who is currently visiting the ML lab, will present a talk on “Surprising Learning Curves and Where to Find Them.”
  2. Sai Prasanna will be presenting a talk on his recent paper accepted at the RLC conference, “Dreaming of Many Worlds: Learning Contextual World Models Aids Zero-Shot Generalization.”

The talks are followed by a BBQ, providing the perfect networking opportunity! In case the weather turns bad the BBQ will be substituted by a board game night at the ML lab instead.

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